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Venice, CA • Deus Ex Machina

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Date: 07-11-12
Location: Venice, CA
Words & Photography by: Luis Valdizon

Aside from family vacations and a couple of layover flights, it was the first time that I had ever really gotten to spend time in California. David and I were running errands around town and ended up in the culturally rich and famous seaside city of Venice. We were both in desperate need of a coffee when I spotted Deus Ex Machina from the corner of my eye. The marquee on their building indicated that they serve Handsome Coffee Roasters, a Californian coffee roasting company and cafe that I had been keeping tabs on from Vancouver. I insisted that we make a stop.

I had heard of Deus, but hadn't made much of a personal investment into their brand, so I blindly stepped into their brick and mortar for the first time. I was impressed, to say the least. There were custom built motorcycles that sat like Roman statues throughout the establishment and a well-curated assortment of clothing and goods. You can tell by the items they stock that they really care about coffee, motorcycles, surfing, skateboarding and fashion culture. I was surprised, yet not surprised to see Vancouver's very own Inventory Magazine among the publications on their shelves. The magazine made for a talking point between us and one of their employees, who politely inquired about my camera.
I tend to get a cappuccino whenever I try a new cafe. I put my order in and added an apricot shortbread cookie as recommended by our helpful barista. The cappuccino was impeccably executed and the cookie lived up to its freshly-baked hype. Before heading out, I brought our tableware in and paid their staff a well-deserved compliment. I told the barista that the cookie was so good, I could marry the woman who made it. "You would want to, she's absolutely gorgeous," she replied. My curiosity to meet her hasn't escaped me.

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