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New York, NY • Subway Commute

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Date: 11-06-12
Location: New York, NY
Photographed by: Luis Valdizon
Words by: David Morris

Commuting in New York City is both a gift and a curse. But crowded train cars, confusing routes and the bustle of fellow commuters is a small price to pay for the time, money and road rage saved by not driving in such a large city. Coming from Brooklyn, I typically take the A/C or F trains into Manhattan. When passing through midtown, it's a ritual of mine to stop at Dunkin Donuts in the 47-50th Rockefeller Center station. The donuts and coffee are always fresh (due to the constant high volume of customers) and it’s conveniently located near a lot of great shopping on 5th Avenue.

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