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D-WHY • New Frontiers (Season 01 // Episode 01)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Date: 07-31-13
Location: U.S.A.
Film by: Luis Valdizon
Words by: David Morris

If you've been following my career, you may have noticed a void when it comes to day-in-the-life / behind-the-scenes type of videos. You may even have a skewed interpretation of who I am as a person due to a lack of such content (always remember, music is meant to entertain). While many artists release "vlogs" religiously to give fans an insider's look into their lives and who they are as people, I have yet to put one out. That isn't because I didn't want to or didn't try (several attempts have failed to come to fruition for a variety of reasons), but, rather, because I never felt like I had quite the right content to release to the world. Getting quality footage for these type of behind-the-scenes videos requires that a) you have someone who is skilled and understands your vision to film you at all hours of the day so that you can ensure the quality of footage, and b) you are actively doing fun and interesting things that will make for compelling video footage for people to watch (I spend more time in the studio than anywhere and let's be honest, footage of that gets boring and repetitive).

A few months back, solutions to both of those dilemmas finally arrived. As the start of my first headlining tour approached, I would finally have something of merit to document and I was fortunate enough to bring on board my Canadian brother Luis Valdizon (the mastermind behind The Cleanest Corner's design, photography and curation) to document everything and execute my vision. I want fans to get to know the real me—not just D-WHY, but David Morris—and I've always wanted to do that in a unique way that is true to who I am as an artist and person.

I encourage viewers to consider 'New Frontiers' an ongoing documentary series rather than a vlog or series of behind-the-scenes videos. Going into the filming of everything, we derived inspiration from many classic rock 'n roll documentaries and wanted to take an almost fly-on-the-wall point-of-view to ensure the capture of the most natural footage and story. Documentaries like D.A. Pennebaker's 1965 film, 'Don't Look Back,' helped influence the random, yet candid and clean editing style. The journey is the narrative and each scene speaks for itself. It doesn't have to be chronological or cut-and-dry; it just has to be real. Our approach is to make the episodes of 'New Frontiers' in such a way that someday, if we wanted, we could go back and piece all the episodes together for a full-blown documentary.

In 'New Frontiers,' you'll get to know my great friend and touring partner, DJ ETrayn. You'll get to know our friends, family and fans, too. In turn, we hope to get to know you and bring you in on this journey. We hope to see you out on the road this fall and we hope to include you in footage that makes it into future episodes of 'New Frontiers.' I wouldn't be here without you and others like you, so nothing makes me happier than meeting you all at every show, taking photos, signing autographs, etc. These things are the least I can do.

On behalf of myself, DJ Etrayn, Luis and The Cleanest Corner team, thank you. Without further ado, I give you the first episode of 'New Frontiers.'

Your friend,
David (no, my name is not really Dwight)

P.S. - There will be several more episodes from our summer tour and we will continue filming throughout future shows, including my fall tour with Hoodie Allen—get tickets here!

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Rebecca Samuelson said...

David, We chatted for a while after the Seattle show and just wanted to say that 'New Frontiers' is beautiful both in execution and content. I've been loving The Cleanest Corner and am looking forward to more! Cup of joe with you and Etrayn when you're back in Seattle?

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