Est. 1941

Gaslight Coffee Roasters • Chicago, IL

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Date: 08-16-13
Location: 385 N Milwaukee Ave
Words & Photographs by: Luis Valdizon

In our everlasting search for the best stores, eateries, coffee shops, brands, attractions, etc., during our travels, we look for the mainstays in every town we visit. We look for the places that not only belong in their surroundings, but enhance them. Case in point: Gaslight Coffee Roasters in Chicago, IL. Their location on the corner of an intersection in the bustling Logan Square fits perfectly with the artisanal urban aesthetic of the shop. Their staff is well-known to be experts at what they do, and they deliver their services in an unpretentious, yet beautiful environment. We stopped in on a cold October day and ordered some warm drinks and muffins. We've visited a lot of cafes on tour this year, but from the quality of service and hospitality to the baked goods and drinks, Gaslight is hands-down one of the most superb in the country.


Anonymous said...

Having visited a number of coffee houses around the country I have to agree. It's a unique experience in a very unpretentious environment.

Kareem Rose said...

Amazing photos, These photos tell a story so simply

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