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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Date: 07-04-13
Location: 871 N Wabash Ave
Photography by: Luis Valdizon
Words by: David Morris

Aside from performing and seeing fans, traveling is one of the main perks of touring. Seeing different places, soaking up different cities and cultures is something that i've always dreamed of. Recently while on tour we stopped in Chicago to explore. After grabbing some tea (yes, for once we chose tea over coffee), we stumbled upon a piano in a public park. It was just sitting there. One of the tea shop employees stopped to explain that the piano was part of "Street Pianos--Play Me, I'm Yours." A global art initiative to encourage artistic expression and bring music to public forums all over. I sat down to mess around. I only know a few basic chords on the piano, but began to play and hum some melodies. A few people stopped to show their appreciation. It felt good to just live in the moment and vibe out. After looking into the initiative I learned that more than 800 pianos have been installed in 34 cities across the globe. How cool of a concept is that? It's like, instead of an artist going on tour, the instrument is going on tour. Giving everyone a chance to steal the spotlight. Brilliant. That IS music. That IS art.

Whether you are pianist, musician, or just a fan of music, learn more about 'Street Pianos--Play Me, I'm Yours' by visiting the link listed above.

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